Crazy Cuckoo picture book

Published by Collected Tails of Jungle Land & More Cool Stuff

Animals and children go together like macaroni and cheese. Collected Tails of Jungle Land is a BIG book which has seven series, each with 14 books. Melody is the first of these series and has seven English books to entertain children of all ages. It is all about a Melody, a little cuckoo bird who is abandoned by her starry mother in the homely crows' nest. Melody desperately wants to sing but will the world hear her melodious voice in the midst of the cacophonous crows and their tutor, the bull frog . There are a host of entertaining characters - Banana Drama, the DJ and remix artiste ; Peekaboo, the middle aged peacock who wears big boots to hide his ugly feet and loves Flo Jo, the fashionista deer fleet of foot who is clad in her trainer shoes so she can run away from the din of the rapper crows and the tuneless toad ; Señor Julio, the blind thrush who teaches Melody to sing and his carrier plane and Man Friday, , Bat Van Friday, the bat with a personality disorder ( he doesn't know if he is a bird or a beast ) and many, many more !

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