Do dog divas diet ?

Hi !

It’s been a long time folks that Bella, moi, the dog diva has been in touch but , like all divas , Bella , again moi, has been busy with diva like activities ; see photo , tee hee ! Yes, lounging and cuddling that’s what we divas do best .

And , in my case , I am always cuddled up with some human or the other and really, it’s difficult to say no to certain humans who are obsessed with moi. I guess it’s my cuddly figure ( though the dog doctor , known by some as a vet because he is a veteran in dog problems , has put me on a diet ! )

Ah ! The diet … it’s so vexing ! No more edges of bread and tidbits . I do get to munch on apples or a juicy cantaloupe. And there are my chicken treats ! But, this whole diet business, I really am not in favor of it ! Why can’t dog divas eat human food, that is the question . If you have a solid reason , let me know . Diets and dog food –  It’s just not my thing !

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