Running with the hounds

All right then, just a few days ago I discussed the problem with diets and dog food in relation to dog divas like moi. Very, very irksome indeed, diets and dog foods !

Related to this issue is the one about exercise . I know it is fashionable to run and jog and jump. I have many, many of these type of hound friends who do not mind jumping through the hoops, mindlessly chasing balls and frisbees .

But , really, not for me .

It’s not that I have anything against exercise , to each his own I say , but it’s not all right for a dog diva to get hot and sweaty . An occasional sprint , ( see photo ) to keep my assistants happy and because I do look spectacular with my golden ears flying in the air , is fine but tirelessly running and running and getting all hot and bothered under the collar …. shudder !!

I mean, if the purpose of all this exercise is just to get the blood coursing through ones veins then what about the more sophisticated and pleasurable route of full body massage ( see photo again )

Sigh … one of my assistants can have a career in dog massage. If you look closely she is such an expert that she can rub my head skilfully even whilst she looks away !
Oh yes, brisk dog massages is the route for me and other dog divas. And we will not take No for an answer.


Of course, in return , because , in life, there are no free lunches ( or in this case massages ) I do have to suffer multiple PDA’s ( Public Display of Affection , just in case you are not so acronym savvy ) in the way of expressions of adorations such as kisses, hugs, squeezes but I can live with it . Personally , I prefer sniffs, licks and general dog play ( horses call it horse play ) but humans will do what they have to do ! See photos.

Yup, it’s a dog divas’ life !

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