Woof woof woof woof woof woof woof …

I think by now you know the drill. Just keep woofing as you read the translation below , translated by the inimitable Dr. Ollie whose full name is written on the name plate on the tree. Why is the name plate on a tree, you may well ask. Well, it’s because he lives on a tree, and not in a house as we lucky denizens of the animal world do !


Though I am not sure who is the lucky one , us or the human whose home we get to live in. Because , all said and done for a meal a day , a few treats and a little bit of love we give back in spades .

Some of us are there to guard your home and hearth with our lives !

Taking us for a walk gives YOU exercise and keeps you fit.

Feeding and taking care of us gives YOU a routine and responsibilities ( especially important for children ! ) .

And, of course, with us around YOU can never get lonely. Your own flesh and bloood may desert you but not us . Humans can learn a thing or two about loyalty from us .

AWESOME ‘ PAW ‘ some !

We are there for the young and the fit and for the elderly, the sick, the disabled, ever ready to give a helping hand/paw .

See photo .

Bella, the dog diva , moi, is best for the helping hand / paw bit. If you have read my previous posts you probably realize that I am not the guard dog type ( too ‘’unfeminine’’ I say ) , exercise is also not my cup of tea except for an occasional run ( just for photo-ops ) but lounging , cuddling and holding hands , well, that’s right up my alley, actually, no, not alley , that’s for alley dogs , it’s right up my street , ummm not that too ; it’s my forte, my thing , my area of expertise.


So if you are lonely or sick or tired of the worries and weight of the world come on over. I am there to hold your hand as best as I can . You know I have paws ! Not hands with opposable thumbs ! ( Read previous post ‘Why can’t monkeys write ?’ if you need full explanation )

All right then , here is Bella, the dog diva signing off .

P.S. Since life is a learning process why don’t you use your fingers and your opposable thumbs to hold a pencil and write down the actual word wherever I have written

in inverted commas .

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