One day Bella was snoozing in the corner which was her usual habit when she heard that familiar bark. “ Oh ! No ! Toby is visiting again ! He is so boisterous! It’s not his fault, he is only two which in human years is fourteen . A teenager ! Ye gods ! His over active hormones are making him run around and bark and jump and he can’t stop.”

Bella looked up and saw Toby scampering in and sliding to stop when he spotted a ball.

“There he goes. Obsessing about balls all the time. So that’s his weakness. ⚽ 🏈 🏀 BALLS !

Now Bella may be a laid back dog but she is also very intelligent.  She knows that your enemies weakness can be made into your strength. So what do you think she did to keep Toby away from her ?

She took each and every ball and hid them in the laundry room. Now the laundry room is very small and really there is no place to hide anything, especially not balls of every shape and size. So there they were filling up the laundry room with Toby snuffling at them and nosing them around.

The help who had loads of laundry to do was getting quite irritated 😠  😣  😤 . Every time she came in with a load to wash there was Toby who is rather big, big enough to fill up the laundry room, going at his balls. The help was muttering and kicked out Toby’s balls. But when she got busy in the kitchen Bella would nose it back into the room. Sometimes she nosed one of balls into the kitchen so that Toby would scamper there and get in her way.

Soon the  help was fed up and started to complain to Bella’s owner. “ Too much disturbance, too much trouble, this “perro” ( dog 🐕 in Spanish ) too big. He make too much trouble. Me no work with this dog !”

Poor Toby. Bella was happy. Now she would have the house all to herself.

But then the children ( A & A ) were distressed. If Toby was banned from the house then Toby’s owner ( yes, unlike Bella who has assistants some dogs have owners ) who was the children’s friend ( another A ) would not be able to come so often. They prayed to DOG spelt backwards to help them.

Now Bella being Bella was also a very kind hearted dog and she did not like her assistants to be unhappy 🙁. So guess what she did ? Come on, take a guess !

She took each and every ball and nosed them into the garage every time the door leading to the garage would open. She only left a small blue ball for Toby to play with. Now Toby no longer had any interest  in the laundry room or the kitchen. He flapped his ears , wagged his tail and pounced on his blue ball.











Toby was happy, the children ( A & A ) and their friend ( A ) were happy and most important Bella and Toby were no longer enemies.

DOG spelt backwards is in his heaven

And all’s well with the world !

( This last sentence is from a very famous poet , Robert Browning . It goes like this :

The year’s at the spring

And day’s at the morn;

Morning’s at seven;

The hill-side’s dew-pearled;

The lark’s on the wing;

The snail’s on the thorn;

God’s in HIS heaven —

All’s right with the world.

In those days , sometime in 1800’s or so , people were quite happy looking at birds in the sky and snails on the ground . They didn’t need phones and video games to be happy. You should try it sometime !!

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