Which is better for dogs ? India or USA.


Poorvi is back and I am so happy ! My best buddy or BFF had skipped off overseas to some country; India, I heard someone say. I believe it’s an amazing country where dogs roam around without leashes and in packs, something like our ancestors, the wolves who roamed free and wild in the jungles.

These critters roam around in an urban jungle and aren’t really wild or anything but they do follow the credo of the jungle, survival of the fittest. I believe they have to run fast and hide if the dog catchers come around and if they don’t they are taken to a place from where they never return. That used to happen here too till they “fixed” the problem. Well, I have often wondered how that works but I’m sure it must be in our mutual interest .

The dogs also are in the hunting and gathering mode. I believe they have a smorgasbord ( which means a variety of tasty bites in Swedish ) of tasty dishes to choose from – burgers, chicken wings, mutton bones, vegetables of all kinds , all dumped in a huge can for communal feeding which means everyone eats together. Of course, when there are many eating from the same bowl there is bound to be some friction especially if there is a particularly tasty bit. But here too the rule of the jungle prevails and the stronger dog sends the weaker one running to the other end of the large rectangular, sometimes round , bowl.

I often wonder how would it be to live without rules or leashes. Where you are free to follow your heart, where your instincts comes first, where “the mind is without fear” to quote a well known noble laureate Indian poet, Tagore. Surely, that is the best way to live . What humans call democracy.

We have democracy here too but we are on a leash or “fixed”except for a few top dogs who roam, not free , but at least in bigger yards. I think I will talk to other dogs and figure this out .

Is it better to be free, fearless and in a free for all atmosphere where the fittest survive or is it better to be fed well but fettered on a short leash where only the lucky few get to enjoy a free run in the sun till it shines. I guess it’s six of one or half dozen of the other. I guess freedom is only a state of mind. And if you want to be truly free just pack your bags and fly to Mexico. They will set you free from all your troubles in a jiffy.

Note to self : Stop watching violent stuff on TV !

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