Why did the turtle cross the road ?




Look before you cross

A turtle once crossing a road stopped midway to think, why am I crossing the road, what am I going to find on the other side ? What was going on in my mind when I decided to cross the road ? It’s all right for chickens to cross the road because then countless surmises will populate the minds of people, why did the chicken cross the road ? But who cares if the turtle crosses the road ? 

The problem is we are too slow. And no one has any time any more. They are in a rush. They will not wait for me to cross the road. They will rather a chicken crosses the road. She is quick. She will cross the road in a hurry and will reach the other side of the road to do whatever it is that chickens do when they cross the road. Usually it is to get to the other side. And anyway, what does it matter, whether she crosses the road or not . She is going to end up in Kentucky or in old McDonald’s farm. 

But why am I crossing the road ? And if I don’t hurry up I could be in a soup. The turtle craned his neck and tried to hurry up but you know , even if a turtle hurries, he can only go so fast. Far away, in the distance he could see a huge lorry bearing down on him. It was still quite a distance away but you know the speed of lorries and we are all familiar with the turtle’s speed. He was not going to make it even if he moved his legs as fast as he could . The turtle thought, what if I huddle in my shell, maybe the lorry won’t notice me . The turtle withdrew into his shell and lay quietly like a , well, sleeping turtle.

Don’t be an ostrich, you are a turtle !

The lorry hurtled towards the turtle and it’s wheel passed over the turtle’s shell. Lorries don’t think or notice things, especially little things lying on the road like turtles and stones. The 🐢 turtle’s shell broke into little bits but the turtle underneath survived. Unfortunately, he now looked very funny without his hard shell and felt he looked like an 👽 alien. 

He crawled to the other side of the road and slowly went back to the pond in which he lived where all the other turtles looked at him in wonder and rejected him. He went to the edge of the pond and sank deep in the mud and decided he was never going to undertake new adventures like trying to cross the road. He had learnt his lesson but it was too late to do anything about his shell. So he got a little vase 🏺, turned it upside down and stuck it on his back. This way he became a new style icon for all the turtles who had boring brown shells . He also gave himself a new name. He was now MING !

The new style icon – MING !


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