B for ball balloon baby

Once upon a time there was a ball who wanted to be a balloon. He wanted to fly high up in the sky so that he could look down on the world and watch everyone from above.


He did not like to be kicked around or thrown or lie in a corner when no one was playing with him. All he wanted was to be outside, flying, floating gently in the breeze, just like a balloon does.


One day there was a new guest in the house. It was a baby. A chubby, cooing, cute little baby. When the baby became a little bigger, it started to crawl around. It would bump it’s body against the ball and move it. Sometimes it would sit on the floor and somebody would hand it the ball. Then the baby would hug the ball and hold it tight against its heart. The ball could hear the little heart beating, thump thump, and it’s own heart also went thump thump. It loved the baby.


Then the baby grew up a little more and started to toddle. It would toddle slowly and when the ball got in its way it would fall on it and clutch it with its tiny hands. The ball just loved being held by the baby.


Some more time went by and the baby was one. There was a big birthday party to celebrate the baby’s turning one year old. Lots and lots of balloons were hung in the living room, The people who came also brought many colorful balloons. The ball was left in the corner. He felt no one was paying attention to him. All the children were grabbing the colorful balloons. Even the baby wanted to touch the balloons. They were so colorful and pretty.


Everyone sang, ‘Happy birthday to you,’ to the baby. Then they cut the cake. Lots and lots of photos were taken with the baby and the colorful balloons. Suddenly one naughty boy took the fork he was eating the cake with and pricked the balloon. The balloon burst with a bang so loudly that everyone jumped. The baby started crying.


The mother took the baby in her arms and took it out to make it stop crying.Soon the other children followed, each carrying a balloon their hand. They all wanted a balloon. Nobody even thought of the ball lying in the corner. But as one of the children was passing by his foot kicked the ball and it rolled out and lay in the lawn looking at the children holding the colorful balloons.

Suddenly there was a gust of wind and it tugged the string of the balloon. One little child who was holding the string of a red balloon let it go. The balloon floated up in the sky looking so pretty against the blue sky. So the other children let their balloons go. They all floated up and up and up till they vanished from sight. Now the children had nothing.


Then one of the boys saw the ball and ran and picked it up. He threw the ball to his friend who threw it to his friend. All the children threw the ball to each other. Then they took the ball and gave it back to the mother because it was time for them to go. They had had a lot of fun because of the ball.


The mother waved goodbye to the children. Then she took the ball and gave it to the baby who hugged it to its heart and cooed with happiness. The ball was happy too. He no longer wanted to be a balloon. Balloons only look pretty, make a loud noise when they burst and frighten babies and do not stay with you if you let go of their string. But a ball is very useful. You can play with it.




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