Extraordinary cake crafted by Love & Cakes in Scottsdale                                                                         http://Loveandcake.co                                     

Love and cakes made a great cake for my daughter’s birthday, elegant, scrumptious and it made her day. Cake is no longer just a cake, nowadays it’s an art form. Thank God, these cakes did not exist during the French Revolution or Marie Antoinette would have some more explaining to do and would not have survived the kindly look that history gave her, the peasants anyway did not understand what a great cake is to a cultured lady !

Oh yes, the delivery was timely in spite of her rushed schedule and the order was placed over the phone from Austin to Scottsdale and the price was tad more palatable than the other cake places I surfed the net.


POORVI who is a real dog lover ! and this is a page for those who love dogs !

My super special wonderful daughter,

She has been a delight since the day she has been born.7.01 am on the 27 th of the 7th month in 1992.

7 has always been an auspicious number across all cultures . 7 days a week, 7 colours of the rainbow and 7 turns around the fire in an Indian wedding.

So this 7th wonder of the world arrived on the 27 th day of the 7th month at 7 in the morning. How can you go wrong with that ?

Things may go wrong for her sometime but she never goes wrong . Strong of will and soft at heart she will fight all odds and battles to stay in the right.

She loves beautiful things but is generous in her soul. Her most adored creature is a dog. Give Poorvi a dog and every beautiful thing she desires pales into insignificance. Her connection with this delightful creature is a miracle and they, in turn, adore her and respond to her with all their pure and generous heart. Like I have always said God spelt backwards is dog. And nothing is without reason, not even spellings.

Poorvi has many friends because she is kind by nature and people always gravitate towards kindness. She is super smart and super intelligent and super creative. And everything she touches turns to gold. Even a small task as a voiceover artiste for my little movies she is perfection. And when she picked up a spatula to provide me a gourmet meal on Mother’s Day we, lo and behold, discovered another talent, she is a super chef !

That’s why Poorvi never ceases to amaze me with her many talents and love for all things beautiful ( sometimes they are expensive! ) But, I am sure, with her mother’s blessings she will go forth to conquer the world and teach them a thing or two about what it is to be a titan who stoops to conquer. And what it is to be a grand soul in a mean world !


Birthday movie for Poorvi ( to watch click on the link below ) 


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