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Alphabet Stories
about accepting differences      

  Shipra Shukla

You are happier when you accept differences and enjoy living with them.
Rover learns to appreciate and accept differences. We may be cut from the same cloth but it is the various colours, patterns, shapes that make life interesting !

Rover loved to go on long walks

Rover was a dog who loved to go on long walks with his owner. They always found new places to walk. Sometimes it was climbing up a hill, sometimes it was a meadow strewn with flowers, sometimes it was a winding road near a stream. When the last happened Rover would happily splash in the stream and lap some water because walking always made him thirsty.

Sometimes his owner, Derek would throw a ball and Rover loved to dash after it and then he would pick up the ball and instead of bringing it back he would run away with it while his master chased him to get back the ball. That was exercise for Derek, Rover would chuckle to himself. He too was getting chunky in the middle.

One day when Derek threw the ball and Rover ran after it to fetch it another dog came running from nowhere and grabbed it. Rover was taken aback to see the dog. It was a big dog who was white with a lot of black spots.

I can see spots before my eyes

Rover had never seen such a dog in his life. He had seen black dogs, white dogs, brown dogs but this was a white dog with a lot of back dots on him. Or was it a black dog with a lot of white spots on him ? Rover was very confused. He felt his eyes were swimming with dots.

Rover barked at the dog and said, “What kind of dog are you ?”

The dog said, “What do you mean ? I am a dog like you . Can’t you see my four legs, my nose and my tail and I can bark like you, Woof woof !”

“Yes, that is right,” said Rover, “but what are those spots on you ? Why can’t you be one colour like the rest of us ? It’s like you can’t make up your mind whether you want to be black or white or even grey or brown. It’s confusing.”

Why can’t you be one colour ?

The dog said, have you seen a zebra or a giraffe or a leopard. Nobody has a problem with them then why do you have a problem with my dots ? Besides, dots are very fashionable. Haven’t you seen people ? They also wear dots and call them polka dots.”

Born to be wild

Rover said, people and zebras, giraffes and leopards are not dogs. Dogs are simple creatures. We are not into fashion. A zebra has stripes because he wants to look different from horses and mules who live with people. A giraffe has patterns because he is also a part of the wild category of animals. And a leopard has spots because he can hide in the grass so that other animals can’t see him. But you are a dog. Why do you need dots ? Or spots ?

The Dalmatian was now confused too. Yes, why do I have spots? I am not a leopard. I should be plain like other dogs. The Dalmatian dropped the ball and ran back to his owner. He decided that he was going to be like other dogs, plain.

Born to be wild


I am going to be one colour

Next day the Dalmatian tried to become one colour. He rolled in the mud and became brown. He went into his home tracking mud on the floors and carpet. His owner was very upset. She put a leash on the Dalmatian, took him out and hosed him down. The Dalmatian was back to his spotty self.

I am one colour – Brown !

Next day the Dalmatian crept into the pantry and knocked down a flour tin and covered himself with flour. Now he was white. His owner saw the Dalmatian tracking flour all over her nice clean floor and was very, very upset. She again put a collar and leash and took him out and sprayed water on him with a hose. The Dalmatian was again dotty or spotty, whatever you want to say.

I am one Colour – WHITE !

Next day, what do you think the Dalmatian did to cover his spots ? Yes, you guessed right. The Dalmatian jumped into the shed and knocked over the paint boxes lying there and rolled into the paint flowing on the floor. Now he was a bright green colour and looked like an alien dog.

Oops !

The Dalmatian’s owner saw this green dog and was very, very, very upset because this was the third time she had to put a collar and leash and try to wash off the colour from the dog. She really could not understand what had happened to her dog. Why was he acting like this ?

After washing the dog the owner decided to take her dog to Derek’s clinic . Derek was her friend and was also a dog doctor or vet as they are called by grown ups. A vet usually knows what is wrong with a dog’s body and his mind and can give a solution.

Oops, I didn’t want to be GREEN !

So the Dalmatian and his owner came to Derek’s clinic. Rover was sitting there as Derek often brought him to the clinic so he would not get lonely at home. The Dalmatian’s owner, let’s call her Linda, because that was her name, told Derek about the Dalmatian’s behaviour.

The dog is confused

Derek took a look at the Dalmatian, took his temperature, poked his stomach, patted his head, looked inside his ears and said, “There is nothing wrong with your dog’s body but someone has put some silly thoughts inside his head and that’s why he is behaving in this funny way. And I know who has made mischief. He looked at Rover and said, “Come here Rover. What have you been telling this dog ?”

Rover looked down in the ground and scratched it and whined.Derek said, “ I think he is saying he is sorry for being so silly for telling your dog that he is not a proper dog because he is not one colour. But he does not realise that everyone does not have to be like the other. Dogs are different too.

There is a dachshund who looks like a sausage and is close to the floor, there is a Great Dane who looks like a horse and is far away from the ground, there is an Afghan Hound who is so hairy he can model for a shampoo advertisement, there is a chihuahua who has no hair and can fit in a purse, and then there is this mutt who I call Rover who has no breed and is just a mix of many dogs, a bit of this and a bit of that but we still love him, don’t we ? So, everyone doesn’t have to be like the other.

Dachshund & Great Dane
Afghan hound & Chihuahua


The vet, Derek, called out to Rover who was very ashamed of himself for making the Dalmatian feel that he was not a proper dog.

Derek said, “Come here Rover and shake hands with…. ?” He looked at Linda as he did not know the Dalmatian’s name.

Linda said, “Spotty. His name is Spotty.”

The two dogs shook hands and ran out on the lawn to play. Rover and Spotty were now friends and jumped and barked and chased a ball while Derek and Linda looked and nodded happily and decided they were going to meet more often so that Rover and Spotty could learn to live happily with each other.

ROVER and SPOTTY are BFF’S – best friends forever!

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