Don’t compare yourself to others.👉🙅🏻‍♀️

Very nice story by Anju Rajput ! A good lesson for young folks here, branded goods and trying to impress others can only take away your soul !

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Stop underestimate yourself because whenever you compare yourself with someone we have more trouble.

Comparison burns us from inside. And we started compare the results of others from our own today.and it’s the reason we start seeing the results of others and do not see hard work behind the success.You are the most unique no one in the whole universe like you. When you compare yourself to someone you do not compare you waste your precious time.

A wonderful short story of Crow.

There once was a crow who lived in the forest.he was happy with his life and have never wanted anything else.But one day the crow saw a dove the dove is so bright and beautiful thought the crow by comparison I am so dark and dull.The crow approached the Dove and said you are so beautiful. you must be the happiest bird alive.The Dove replied I…

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