MELODY PART ONE & TWO , edited !

Enjoy one hour of fun and entertainment as the jungle land folks chase their dreams and indulge in many shenanigans as they deal with the ‘noise pollution’ created by the CAW BAND and their very delusional tutor , Monsieur Bull- Brass !

Catch up with Melody as she pursues her dreams under the wings of the thrush and blind singer, Senor Julio !

Empathize with Bat Van Friday as he grapples with his identity crisis , is he a bird or a beast ? Is he Senor Julio’s long distance carrier or his helper , his batman , Man Friday ?! What is he ?

How does Banana Drama, the remix artiste deal with the din of the CAW- BAND and the sarcastic remarks of their tutor, Monsieur Bull-Brass ?

Why does Peekaboo, the beautiful peacock wear boots all the time ? How do the trainers help Flo-Jo, the fashionista deer ? And what about Professor Ollie and his penchant for big words which confuses everyone, will he be able to sort out the problems that beset the jungle land folks !

And let’s not forget King Tweety- Fruity, the luxury loving and greedy king and his able minister, Mr. Cranium, who shifts from foot to foot , to maintain the balance of power .

And there is Cuckoo with stars in her eyes, will it all turn to dust ? And Marjorie Hatchery, the motherly crow who adopts Melody when Cuckoo abandons her. And Peter parrot and Mimi- Tang, the slow and steady turtle . And many many more !

Published by Collected Tails of Jungle Land

Collected Tails of Jungle Land Alphabet Stories OH MY DOG series

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