Melody Part three – a five minute sneak peek into what’s in store for you !

Melody, the wee cuckoo bird has been abandoned by her mom in the crow’s nest. Cuckoo Cool flies off to The Land of Birds to try her luck in King Tweety- Fruity’s kingdom and Melody grows up with her four crow brothers who want to be singing stars too and tutored by Monsieur Bull-Brass ! But the bull- frog does not like Melody’s voice so she finds Senor Julio, the blind thrush to be her mentor and tutor ! The Jungle-Land is turned topsy turvy with the sound of the practice session of the CAW-BAND and their delusional tutor, Monsieur Bull-Brass. All is not well in the Land of Birds where Cuckoo Cool, Melody’s mother has just got a dressing down by King Tweety- Fruity and his minister, Mr. Cranium , for not taking care of her voice !

Published by Collected Tails of Jungle Land

Collected Tails of Jungle Land Alphabet Stories OH MY DOG series

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