MELODY , Part three , episode three

As you know Cuckoo had abandoned her baby in Marjorie Hatchery, the motherly crow’s nest and flown off to become a star in the Land of Birds ruled by the benevolent but greedy despot, King Tweety- Fruity and his able minister, Mr. Cranium who can never stand on his two feet but shifts from foot to foot to maintain the balance of power. But all is not well with Cuckoo as she has riled the king by not taking care of her voice. So she summons the thieving Jackdaw and the chattering Magpie to steal the magic potion FAIRIS FOWL from the SING SONG company of China.

Meanwhile the crafty Cuckoo’s daughter Melody is growing up in JUNGLE LAND with her four crow brothers and sister who have dreams of becoming singers. Mother crow hires Monsieur Bull -Brass to teach her children singing . Their music session is driving the Jungle Land folks nuts ! And Monsieur Bull- Brass does not like Melody’s singing ! So Melody flies off deep in the jungle where she meets the blind singer Senor Julio who agrees to teach singing to the very talented Melody .

And now there is going to be a contest in the Land of Birds and the finalist will be pitted against Cuckoo. Monsieur Bull Brass is entering the CAW- BAND in the contest and Melody’s is going to get her chance too !

Watch this episode to meet the folks from Jungle Land. BANANA DRAMA, the remix artiste, PEEKABOO, the beautiful peacock always clad in big thumping boots, FLO JO, the deer in trainer shoes, PETER PARROT, who talks fast and is best friends with MIMI- TANG, who is slow , BAT VAN FRIDAY, the bat with an identity crisis who is Senor Julio’s batman , man Friday and carrier plane ! And many many more !

What happens next ?



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