Your five minute of funny this week ! Melody Part four, Episode 2 (A)

Cuckoo Cool, the prima Donna of the Land of Birds is miffed with the falcon King Coo- Tweet Toot -Toot, Fruit-Tweet Toot Toot, Sweet -Toot Toot Toot , Al Amen a.k.a. King Tweety Fruity and his able minister Mr. Cranium,the wily Crane who shifts from foot to foot to maintain the balance of power. So she wants to move to London and is calling the royalty there ! But her shenanigans come to naught when Stella, the yellow canary and her hanger on, is around!

Meanwhile, Mr. Jack Dawson, the hapless jackdaw who is undergoing treatment in the able hands of the Jungle Land psychiatrist owl, Professor Ollie a.k.a. PROFESSOR MARTIN OODDIIUUSS-DDRROOWWZZYY– SSQQUUEEKKYY-SSQQUUAAWWKKYY– PPIIEBBAALLDDYY-JJAACCKKAASS–FFUUNNYY- FUZZBALL CRITTER. Prof. Emeritus,Ph.D., is determined to steal the magic potion FAIRIS FOWL made by the SING SONG company of China so that he can help poor Melody fix her throat damaged by the wily tricks of Cuckoo Cool who perceived her as a threat to her aspirations to retain the crown of the court singer of the Land of Birds .

Does he succeed in his mission ?

Find out all this in this five minutes of action packed comedy !

Published by Collected Tails of Jungle Land

Collected Tails of Jungle Land Alphabet Stories OH MY DOG series

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