ENTITLED ! The dog, not the girl ! 😂😂😂😂

(The dog in the photo is the real McCoy! )

Django, the doberman,”guard dog” captivated our childish, adventurous spirit brought up as we were on the escapades of heroic figures and their dogs. So enamored were we that we did not notice his blunt nose, stocky legs and longish tail.

In deference to his “guard dog” status we readily gave up the front seat of the car because he always jumped into the car first, stocky legs were no impediment to his speed. Only a sudden brake and a hard knock which sent him flying into the windshield cured him and thereafter he would quietly slink into the back seat his proud nose and unbroken spirit taking in the sights, sounds and smells of the city.

In the same spirit of competition he pushed his behind on the “forbidden” settee while his forelegs planted nonchalantly on the floor, giving no clue to what was going on behind. Only his head would quietly swivel to the person talking as if he was understanding every word of the conversation . In fact, one of our guests actually asked if he understood English ! The only time he did take part in the conversation was when the guest stretched out his hand to take a sugar free cookie ( recommended by the vet for the dog too ) and Django set up a volley of polite barks . No sirree bob, these were for him and he was going to “guard” what was his !

But one day the scales fell from our eyes. Spying a rat scurrying on the floor, all of us shrieked and leapt on the bed and commanded in the time honored tradition of the heroic figure and his dog, “Django, attack!” Well, what do you think ? Django was standing next to us, trembling with fear and excitement.

Now we knew Django was a mutt but we did not love him any less for that. Only the roles were reversed. Now it was our role to ‘guard’ the dog in the same way he would have, had it been in him.

Shipra Shukla

An abbreviated version (200 words)of this piece was published in ‘writers talk’ for the competition on pets but I’m reproducing it here in the interest of education as to how a 337 word essay was pared down to 149 since I fancy myself an educator !

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