Ocean and sand

Collected Tails of Jungle Land OH MY DOG ! ALPHABET STORIES

Sand and ocean


Lots of cool stuff for kids

Clear water at the beach
Alphabet stories from A to Z

Funny stories and movies

Bella the dog diva has her own views about a dog’s life and the human condition . And she can pontificate too . Hee hee hee ..

New story coming up
Onceupon a timethere was a very large animal who had a tail at both ends, one in the front and one at the back. Isn’t that funny ! How do we know which is the front and which is the back when the front is called a trunk ! Shouldn’t it be at the back ? Anyway, let’s go on. So this very large creature also had very large ears which were as big as fans and when they flapped, it did keep him cool.


A fish once swimming in the water realized that life is very dull. There is only water water everywhere and I do not even drink water. And all I can see are other creatures just swimming away. This is so boring. I want a more exciting life. Maybe, life outside the water may be more exciting.

But how can a fish get out of water ? She’ll die. So what was she going to do? The fish thought and thought for a long time and then came up with a brain wave.

Aren’t you curious ?

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