Home sweet Home

Any HOME is incomplete without parents so this home page is dedicated to my parents.

A poem in honor of all parents 

Usha and Bhagwan Shukla Usha and Bhagwan Shukla

For my parents on their anniversary 6th June 2011


God could not move heaven on earth

Nor could he give us birth

So he decided the best thing would be


Give us mom and dad

To create heaven on earth.


Shipra Shukla

 A father is very special so here is a poem which I wrote in honor of my father and dedicated to all fathers.



Poem – For my Dad on Father’s Day June 19, 2011


Fathers are very special

So is our Dad

Without him we would never have had

 The fine life, the wonderful times, the

Great gift of knowing good from bad.

So, bless us , our father

And make us divine

By giving us your grace

And keeping us like fine wine.

 Shipra Shukla

Like PeekaBoo, Shipra Shukla believes that beauty should have a purpose ! She doesn’t go as far as him using his beautiful feathers as mop, duster, broom or whatever is the need of the moment ( to find out more read Melody) but she did decide do away with her one and only vanity …. her beautiful long hair. Why ? Read all about it ……….



For a long, long time Shipra Shukla’s only claim to fame was her hair which reached her knees and she was a great favourite with little girls who aspired to be like her. Mothers’ would persuade these little girls to eat their spinach/broccoli/veggies, telling them that it would help them to grow their hair long like Shipra Aunty. But one day, there was flash of insight that made Shipra Aunty realise that all the nourishment was only going to her hair and unlike Samson, she would have to cut her hair if she wanted to become strong. So she cut her hair and Lo! out came her pen and she started writing and writing and writing.

 Melody is the first in the series of her BIG BOOK named the Collected tails of Jungle Land. It is the story of a little cuckoo bird who is abandoned by her mother in the homely mother crow’s nest. Maggie Hatchery, the mother crow, hones Melody’s talents along with that of her four crow children, Do-ray, Me-Far, So-La and Ti-Doo under the able tutelage of the frog with the voice, Monsieur Tar-tar. Melody’s journey and the shenanigans of the jungle folk will take the children (and adults) on a fun ride

On this journey she hopes to give the children something to focus on besides long  hair and all the trappings of external beauty or other brain dead occupations. She hopes to inspire them to create, to imagine and above all, to laugh. In the process she hopes some good values and principles will find their way into their world.

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