Crazy Cuckoo -Excerpt



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A short Story for 4 to 7 Years


Why does the cuckoo bird tweet sadly, “cuckoo cuckoo”?

A short story about a cuckoo bird who lost it and a mother crow who never gave up and won!
Oh Yes! It’s not your skin but your skill which counts in the end.





When mother crow and her team reached town they were weak with hunger and very thirsty. Mother crow could not bear to see her children in this state. And Mr. Tar-tar who was as round as a balloon was now as thin as a needle. Now Mother crow did not wait even for a second, and with her beak killed three-four rats, made them into patties and fed them to her children and Mr. Tar-Tar. After this there was no problem for Mother Crow and her team and they began to live happily in town. Everyday they would kill a few rats and eat them up. After sometime Do-Ray, Me-Fa, So-La and Ti-Do also became expert in killing rats and the rats were running here and there in fear for their lives. They were in a real state and started talking about leaving town.  image


The people of the town were very happy. They did not want Mother Crow and her team to leave town ever so they began to give them many gifts. Mother crow told them, “ I don’t want anything but I want my children’s music to be remembered forever and forever. So, can you make a tape of my children’s music so that I can play it for the animals of the jungle who had thrown us out of the jungle because of our singing.”


The people of the town were only too happy to do as Mother Crow wanted and made a tape of the four crows song. The name of the tape was “The Caw-Caw Crows.”




When the tapes came to the shops the people of the town were very happy. When they played the tapes at home, not only the rats but all the pests ran away frightened. Some farmers even started playing them in their fields so that the birds which eat their seeds flew away in fright. The town people were so happy with the services of the crows that they took away the golden cagefrom the cuckoo and gave it to the crows.


But Mother Crow refused to live in a golden cage. She knew that a cage, whether it is made of gold or iron is still a cage and it would not allow her to fly like a free bird and she did not want that. She returned the cage to the cuckoo bird.


When the cuckoo bird saw Mother Crow’s behavior she was very ashamed of herself. She thought to herself this crow has worked so hard and see where she has reached and I am where I was. Mother Crow did not have beauty nor did she have any great talent. And yet her quality was useful to so many people. And that is why no one cares whether she is beautiful or not, they only praise her work. They were tears in Cuckoo’s eyes and she ran to Mother Crow’s nest.

Full story and picture book elsewhere on the blog ! Enjoy !




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