Cuckoo Cool Excerpt

Cuckoo Cool Cuckoo Cool

Melody, the wee cuckoo bird wins the contest in King Tweety -Fruity’s kingdom. But she really misses her mom and the animals of the jungle. Only Tweet -Fruity won’t let her go !


All the animals are engaged in various activities. The rabbits are wrestling with each other. The crows are playing cricket/baseball. The game can be imaginary. Deer, Parrot, Butterfly are also participating in the game. Monkey is giving a commentary. Mr. Bull-Frog is snoring in the corner.
Bananarama : Do-Ray throws the ball and Me-Fa hits it with his bat, the ball flies ( we hear the sound of Peekaboo’s boots coming towards us) across the boundry, straight into ( Peekaboo catches the ball) Mr. Peekaboo’s hands……..
Peekaboo : Shiver my feathers !

Banana Drama

Bananarama : Now the question is can this be called a catch ( The crows are shouting ‘catch, catch’) because Mr. Peekaboo is not a member of the team!
Peekaboo throws the ball which hits Mr. Bull Frog who gets up with a start.
Mr. Bull Frog : Ribbid, Ribbid! Isn’t the game over as yet? Come on children, it’s time for your music classes… take out your instruments……
The crows start taking out their musical instruments while all the animals start taking out their earplugs, cotton wool etc. to close their ears. A singing sound is heard approaching them. It is Senor Julio who comes on stage.
Peekaboo: Who is this? ( Senor Julio bangs into him) Can’t you see?
Senor Julio: No.
All the animals react with sympathy.


Senor Julio: Does Melody live here?
Margery Hatchery (Mother crow): Yes, she did live here but now she lives at King Tweety Fruity’s palace. Ever since she won the contest she has become the chief singer of his court. But who are you?
Senor Julio : I am Senor Julio, I taught Melody to sing.
Bananarama: Hey, you are Melody’s secret tutor! No wonder she became such a great singer.


Mr. Bull Frog: So YOU gave tuition to Melody. No wonder she showed no improvement in her singing. This system of tuition has ruined our children. Tuition is bad, bad….
Senor Julio: I want to meet Melody. I know in my heart she is not happy.
Flow-Jo: ( to Peter Parrot); People who can’t see have a strong sixth sense, they can feel things.
Margery: To see Melody you will have to go far, out of this jungle to the city.
Senor Julio: Oh!
Margery: Actually we have not heard from Melody for a long time, and there is no letter from her, why don’t we all go and see her.
Peekaboo: ( rubbing his hands together) What a fine idea!
Flow – Jo: I will come along too.
All the animals: (shouting) We’ll come too! We want to see Melody! image


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