Cuckoo Cuckoo Excerpt


Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo

When the creature of the jungle could not bear the caw caw of the Band of Crows and the ‘ribbid Ribbid’ of their music teacher Mr.Ribbid they threw them out of the jungle. But Margery Hatchery, the doting mother crow did not lose heart and flew off with Melody, her brood of four and their music teacher to a new land where she hope to make them stars. Did she succeed in her mission or did the pesky rats, the conniving and the crazy cuckoo ruin her plans ?



When Margery Hatchery saw the frog puffing and puffing and looked as if he was going to burst she rushed to him and said, “Calm down Mr. Ribbid! These creatures cannot see how talented you are. We are going to leave this place and go another land where we will have the freedom to sing. Come on lets pack our bags.” Now, Mr. Ribbid liked to live in Jungle Land. He didn’t have to work too hard for a living and there were plenty of flying bugs for him to eat. He said, “How can I leave this place. I have hopped here from a land far away and it took me a lot of time to get here. Now how can I go to another land!” Then Funny, who was the older of the two rabbits smiled and said, “Well, you can hop to the other place the same way you hopped here. In fact, hop before you pop, Mr. Ribbid!” Funny could say some very funny things and the animals burst out laughing.

This was too much for Margery Hatchery and.                 image
she flew into a rage again. She picked up a
stick and said, “Mr Ribbid , I will hold
one end of the stick and my four children
the other. You hold the stick from the
middle in your mouth and off we will fly
till we find a place which appreciates our
talent. She turned to her children and said, “
Come on children let us go.” Mr. Ribbid
was not happy but he had no choice
since Margery Hatchery was so determined.
He took the stick in his mouth and held
on for dear life as Margery and her four
children flew off. Peter parrot shouted from below,
“Careful Mr. Ribbid , don’t open your mouth or you
will become Mr. Humpty Dumpty!”Mr. Ribbid could                         image
hear the animals laughing but he dare not open his
mouth, he just puffed up and turned purple in anger
and looked like a purple balloon flying in the sky.



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