The Singing Bird excerpt

The Singing Bird
The Singing Bird



Story book for ages 8 to 16

An ambitious cuckoo abandons her gifted daughter in the homely crow’s nest, only to find out, too late, that her daughter’s talent surpasses her own. Melody, the gifted one, is one of God’s own, and her beautiful soul resonates with music and love and changes all those who come in touch with her.

Cuckoo is ambitious and avaricious and abandons her egg in Maggie, the crow’s nest. Maggie has aspirations for her brood of four and hopefully names them Do-ray Me-far, So-la, and Ti-do after the seven notes of music and even hires Monsieur Tar-tar, the frog with a VOICE, to train them. The hapless animals of Jungle-Land try various tricks to deal with the din until a contest announced by the despotic King Koo-Toot sends them flying to the Land of Birds. Here, Melody competes against her biological mother who tries every trick to trounce her until she realizes Melody is her own daughter. The antics of a menagerie of wacky animals add laughter to this roller coaster of fun and frolic

Chap 6

Conniving Kuukku.

Crafty Kuukuu gets magic potion for her throat

“We will see who dare take my place “she later ranted to her bird-in waiting as she paced up and down . “ I have a lot of tricks tucked under my wings and I will use every means, fair or foul, to crush anyone who dare come in my way!!” she screamed. Just then her attention was drawn to the Television .A nightingale was coughing and clawing her throat. Then a green vial with a sparkling green liquid appeared floating in the air towards her .She clutched at the vial and glug , glug , glug , emptied it one breath.

And lo behold , the nightingale was warbling away like there was no tomorrow. A caption appeared — THE MAGIC POTION FOR SORE THROAT – FOWLIS ‘FAIR. Get your bottle today and be rid of the cat –got- your- tongue feeling evermore. Manufactured by the SINGSONG company in China. Approval awaited by the Foul Drug Administration (FDA).

“This is what I need right away “Kuukuuuu exclaimed “and I can’t be bothered to wait for any approval.”


She called for her two spies, a chattering magpie and a thieving jackdaw. The two fluttered in. The magpie, which could not help chattering launched into a spiel right away. “Good evening Madame. What a delightful evening. We are honored to be of service to you.

Just the other day I was telling my friend, Mr. Jack Dawson, it has been a long time since we have had the pleasure of meeting Madame Kuukuu. I hope she has not forgotten us .And lo behold, you sent for us. And I thought to myself, Ash what the heart wishes for, the cosmic vibrations…”

Kuukuu who was tapping her feet impatiently, cut her short, “Oh stop your foolish chatter, you silly bird. Listen to me both of you.
I want you to go and steal the new magic potion FAIRIS

FOWL from China. So get ready to travel at once. “The Jackdaw who was much more practical and a bird of few words merely said, “We will need payment and an expense account.”

“Of course “said Kuukuu sarcastically “I knew you would bring that up. I am not expecting any free service from the likes of you. ”

“Oh no no no, that is not fair Madame. We are humble birds but we have a home and family to feed. I, myself, have seven children. There is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday” said Magpie.

Mrs Magpie and family
Mrs Magpie and family

” I can guess the names of the other three,” said Kuukuu sarcastically, ”and I am not interested in your noisy brood. Don’t give me an earache and just go and get the potion. I will instruct the treasury to give you the necessary amount. Now go, you are giving me a headache” Kuukuu said rudely.

The jackdaw and the magpie turned to fly away but as was his habit the jackdaw had put away a little silver bric-a-brac in his pocket. When he reached the door the maid –in-waiting stopped him and held out her hand. The jackdaw dipped in his pocket and returned the silver ornament to her.

“Force of habit” he said sourly.

Then the dour Mr. Jack Dawson and the chattering magpie flew away.

Kuukuu could hear Magpie chattering as she flew off and sighed deeply. “Is it my fate to be surrounded by a bunch of silly, ignorant, bird brains and thieving rascals,” she thought. It was obvious she was not aware of the phrase that you and I know that, Birds of a feather flock together. Good guys stay with good guys and bad guys find each other to hang out.




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