Once upon a time a squirrel decided that she no longer wanted to eat nuts . She felt it was too much of a chore to gather nuts , hoard them , crack them and then eat them . She also felt that nuts were just nuts , they were not as flavorful as other tasty things like ice cream , chocolates, pudding and pie . As you can see she had a very sweet tooth . She only wanted a lot of sugar . And who doesn’t , we all do . But mom won’t let us eat so much of it so there must be a very good reason for it , right ?

But anyway , this is story time , not lecture time so let’s get on with the story . So , all day long , the little squirrel hung around the branches of her tree cracking nuts with her strong teeth but secretly wishing she lived in an ice cream shop which was just across the road near her tree where she could see many children eating , slurping , licking and enjoying the colorful, cold , sweet ice creams . Some ice creams even had chocolate on them

and others had jelly beans and sprinkles. Oh how the little squirrel longed for them .

One day the squirrel was leaning so far to see a little boy eat his pink ice cream with white swirls on them that she lost her balance and fell straight into the ice cream ! Plop ! Now she was covered from head to toe in the pink ice cream . She smacked her lips and closed her eyes and thought ‘delicious’.

Now squirrels are supposed to run away from other creatures who are not squirrels but this squirrel was so enchanted with the taste of the pink ice cream that she just stayed rooted in the ice cream cone . So the little boy who was the ice cream owner’s son picked up the cone with the squirrel and took him to his father who was in the ice cream shop.

The boy’s father looked at the squirrel smacking her lips and had a good laugh . Then he picked up the squirrel , put her under a tap and washed her in the sink. Then he wrapped a piece of cloth around her to dry her and then put her in one of the ice cream cases which had holes on top of it so she could breathe .

Now all day long the ice cream shop owner would place different flavors of ice cream in the little squirrels 🐿 case . Sometimes it was mango ,sometimes peach , sometimes strawberry and sometimes he gave her a mix of many flavours, kiwi, banana, vanilla , raspberry . The little squirrel was very happy .

In the night the ice cream owner took out the squirrel and put her in a cage . In the morning he put her back in the case because a lot of children started to come to the shop to see the little squirrel enjoying the ice cream . She looked very sweet with ice cream dripping from her whiskers.

This went on for many days . Then weeks . Then months . The squirrel was getting tired of the sweet ice cream . She was also getting very fat because she was no longer running up and down the tree . Moreover, she started to feel sick . If you eat too much sugar you do get a sickness which is not nice at all . She started feeling homesick and longed for her tree and nuts . She wanted to run up and down the tree and crack the nuts . But how was she to do that ? She was no longer free but locked up in an ice cream shop.

One day the squirrel decided that she was going to escape . But how was she going to do that ? Can you guess ?

I will give you one day to go home and write in your own words what you think the squirrel would do to get back to her tree . And the best answer will get a special prize.

I will give you one day to go home and write in your own words what you think the squirrel would do to get back to her tree . And the best answer will get a special prize.

Now let me tell you what the squirrel did .

When the owner of the ice cream shop came in the morning to take out the squirrel from the cage and put her in the ice cream case he saw the squirrel lying very still with her eyes closed. She looked as if she had fainted. The ice cream owner put his finger near the squirrel’s nose to see if she was breathing and the squirrel held her breath .

The owner was very worried that the squirrel was dead. He quickly picked up the squirrel and laid her on the case while he went to call the vet who , we all know , is an animal doctor.

The squirrel knew this was her big chance to escape her prison of sweet things . She quickly jumped up and raced towards her tree. She ran as fast as her little legs could carry her and even though she had put on a lot of weight due to the ice cream she was eating every day for breakfast , lunch and dinner , she was still very swift. She quickly ran up the trunk of the tree and heaved a big sigh of relief when she reached her little nest tucked in the hollow of the tree .

The squirrel was very happy to be back on her tree . She wanted to crack her nuts and eat them as she knew that , not only were they healthy, but also made her teeth strong . No more ice cream for her which had not only made her put on weight but all that sugar had given her a nasty condition that made her feel very sick. And her teeth were not feeling so good and strong .

But never mind . She was lucky she was on that diet for a short while and did not suffer any permanent damage . She was grateful that she had a lucky escape and now , if she ever felt a craving for sugary stuff , she was going to remember the ice cream shop and the craving would go away in a trice .

Yes, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence .

Melody Finale Part 5 Episode 5

The contest is over and Melody has won the contest but there are more twists to keep you engaged !

What will happen to Cuckoo Cool since she is no longer the court singer in King Tweety- Fruity’s kingdom?

What about Bat Van Fridays’s identity crisis ?

And Señor Julio’s sightless eyes?

Can Ollie undo these complications ?

After all, he is a wise old owl !

Don’t miss the final celebrations of the Jungle Land folks in this racy, pacy finale of “Melody”

Your weekend thrill with an all new episodeMelody Finale Part 5 Episode 2

The contest has started and you finally get to meet the contestants. First up, the well known group from AFRICA, THE BOUNCING BABOONS with their lead singer BONGO and their hit new album, I’’M GOING APE OVER YOU🐒

MAGPIE and MR.JACK DAWSON have finally managed to filch the magic potion from CUCKOO COOL to fix Melody’s throat and Mr.Jack Dawson is flying with her to the concert, will they make it on time . (BANANA- DRAMA is going to take a cab )

Catch up with the shenanigans of the critters from JUNGLE-LAND and the LAND OF BIRDS and have a merry old laugh this weekend . After all, tis the season to be jolly,what !

Your five minute of funny this week ! Melody Part four, Episode 2 (A)

Cuckoo Cool, the prima Donna of the Land of Birds is miffed with the falcon King Coo- Tweet Toot -Toot, Fruit-Tweet Toot Toot, Sweet -Toot Toot Toot , Al Amen a.k.a. King Tweety Fruity and his able minister Mr. Cranium,the wily Crane who shifts from foot to foot to maintain the balance of power. So she wants to move to London and is calling the royalty there ! But her shenanigans come to naught when Stella, the yellow canary and her hanger on, is around!

Meanwhile, Mr. Jack Dawson, the hapless jackdaw who is undergoing treatment in the able hands of the Jungle Land psychiatrist owl, Professor Ollie a.k.a. PROFESSOR MARTIN OODDIIUUSS-DDRROOWWZZYY– SSQQUUEEKKYY-SSQQUUAAWWKKYY– PPIIEBBAALLDDYY-JJAACCKKAASS–FFUUNNYY- FUZZBALL CRITTER. Prof. Emeritus,Ph.D., is determined to steal the magic potion FAIRIS FOWL made by the SING SONG company of China so that he can help poor Melody fix her throat damaged by the wily tricks of Cuckoo Cool who perceived her as a threat to her aspirations to retain the crown of the court singer of the Land of Birds .

Does he succeed in his mission ?

Find out all this in this five minutes of action packed comedy !

Learning to speak, read and write Hindi अ से अनार अजगर

अनार अजगर

This the first in a series of 49 books which has a story for each alphabet of the Hindi language . There is a workbook at the end of it . If you read and write these you will have a rudimentary knowledge of Hindi by the end of it ! After that it is a cake walk !

Also all the stories have a moral a la Aesop’s fables and Panchantatra stories. The fact that they are all humorous is just the icing on the cake ! Who does not like to begin the day with a smile 😊 !



एक अजगर था । वह बहुत अदभुत था।उसकी आदत थी कि वह रोज़ एक जानवर खा जाता था । और फिर सो जाता था । अब खा कर सो जाओगे तो बीमार तो पड़ जाओगे। बस वो बीमार पड़ गया । उसकी औरत ने कहा कि, “ अजगर जी, जाओ डॉक्टर से अपना इलाज कराओ ।” बस अजगर चल पड़ा अपना इलाज कराने डॉक्टर चिंता प्रकाश के पास । अब अजगर के पैर तो होते नहीं तो वह रेंगते हुए गया । रेंगते रेंगते वह थक गया तो वह एक पेड़ के नीचे सो गया । वह पेड़ एक अनार का था जिस में बहुत सारे लाल लाल फल लगे हुए थे ।

अनार का पेड़ और फल
अनार का पेड़ और फल

एक अनार का फल अजगर के सर पर गिरा तो अजगर उठ गया । उसने गप्प से अनार खा लिया । थोड़ी देर में उसे लगा कि मैं तो ठीक हो गया, पेट का दर्द भी ग़ायब । पर अब तक वो रेंगता रेंगता डॉक्टर के पास पहुँच गया था । डॉक्टर चिंता प्रकाश, जो एक चीता था, ने अजगर जी से कहा, “ महाशय, आप को क्या तकलीफ़ है ?”

अजगर ने कहा, “ मेरे पेट में दर्द था पर वो अब ग़ायब है, मैं बीमार था पर अब में ठीक हूँ ।

डॉक्टर चिंता प्रकाश ने कहा, “ ऐसा कैसे ? मैंने तो तुम्हें कोई दवा दी नहीं !”

अजगर ने कहा, “पता नहीं । मैं यहाँ रेंगते रेंगते आया हूँ और रास्ते में एक पेड़ के नीचे सोया था तो मुझ पर एक फल गिरा तो मैंने उसे खा लिया ।

चीते ने कहा, “वो फल कैसा था ?”

अजगर ने कहा, “वो लाल था और गोल था, उसके अंदर छोटे, छोटे, लाल, लाल, दाने थे ।वो बहुत मीठा था पर ऊपर का छाल कड़ा था ।”

चीते ने कहा, “ लगता है तुमने अनार खाया है, वह सेहत के लिए बहुत अच्छा होता है । इसके अलावा तुम रेंग के आए हो , इससे तुम्हारी एक्सर्सायज़ यानि कसरत हो गयी, इस लिए तुम ठीक हो गए । आगे से ध्यान रहे कुछ फल सब्ज़ी ज़रूर खाओ, साथ में कुछ कसरत भी किया करो । अब लाओ मेरी फ़ीस ।”

अजगर ने कहा, “फ़ीस किस बात की, में तो अपने आप ठीक हो गया हूँ ।”

डॉक्टर चिंता प्रकाश सोच में पड़ गया कि इस तरह सब जानवर अपना इलाज कर के खुद ठीक हो जाएँगे तो मेरा क्या होगा, मैं अपना पेट कैसे भरूँगा । बस चीते ने आव देखा ना ताव झट से अजगर का मुँह खोल कर उस में एक बर्गर डाल दिया । पेट में बर्गर जाते ही अजगर के पेट में ज़ोर ज़ोर से दर्द होने लगा ।

डॉक्टर चिंता प्रकाश

वो चिल्लाने लगा, “ अरे, मुझे कोई बचाओ । मेरे पेट में लगता है बहुत सारे चूहे उछल उछल कर मुझे काट रहे हैं । वह रोने लगा, “ ऊँ ऊँ ऊँ”

तब डॉक्टर चिंता प्रकाश ने कहा, “ दवा दूँ ?”

अजगर चीता की चालाकी समझ गया की वह उससे फ़ीस ऐंठना चाहता है ।

उसने कहा, “नहीं, मैं फिर रेंगता हुआ घर जाऊँगा और रास्ते में एक अनार खाऊँगा । मुझे तुम्हारी ज़रूरत नहीं।

बाक़ी जानवर, जो वहाँ बैठे थे, उन्होंने भी अजगर की बात सुनी तो वो ख़ुश हो गए । उन्होंने सोचा कि यह तो बहुत अच्छा उपाय है । अगर हम खुद अपने आप को ठीक रखेंगे तो चीते की मोटी फ़ीस नहीं देनी पड़ेगी । बस सब ने आव देखा ना ताव चल पड़े अजगर के पीछे पर थोड़ी दूर पर कि कहीं रास्ते में अजगर को भूख लग जायेगी तो वह हमें ना खा जाए । जब सब अनार के पेड़ के पास पहुँचे तो सब उछल उछल कर अनार तोड़ने लगे और गप्प गप्प खाने लगे ।

सब जानवर उछल उछल कर अनार का फल खाने लगे

अनार का पेड़ ख़ाली हो गया । उसने सोचा, “वाह रे वाह ! एक अनार का पेड़ और सौ बीमार ! अब अगर में बीमार पड़ूँगा तो क्या करूँगा ? मेरे पास तो एक भी फल नहीं बचा । उसे रोता देख कर एक तितली, जो उधर से उड़ रही थी, बोली, “ फ़िक्र ना करो भैया अनार के पेड़ । तुम्हारे ऊपर जो फूल बचे हैं I जल्दी ही अनार का पेड़ बन जाएँगे । वही तो हमारा काम है । हम एक पौधे के फूल से दूसरे पौधे को मिलते हैं जिससे वह जल्दी फल बन जाता है ।

तितली की सीख

यह सुन कर अनार का पेड़ बहुत ख़ुश हुआ । उसने सोचा, “कोई बात नहीं अगर जानवर सब अनार तोड़ कर के गए । अब वो ठीक हो जाएँगे । और मैं भी ठीक ही रहूँगा क्यूँकि जो दूसरे की मदद करता है उसको कोई चिंता नहीं सताती क्यूँकि उसकी मदद भगवान करता है ।हाँ जो बिना मतलब के दूसरों को लूटता है उसे भगवान ज़रूर सज़ा देते हैं जैसे की वह चीता जिसका नाम ही चिंता प्रकाश है । अब उसे इस बात की चिंता है कि सारे जानवर तो ठीक हो गए अब मेरे पास इलाज के लिए कौन आएगा और मेरा पेट कैसे भरेगा । इसीलिए कहते हैं,“ जैसी करनी वैसी भरनी ।”


अ से अन्य शब्द

अ से कुछ और शब्द सोचो और उनके चित्र बनाओ

२ . अदरक अलमारी अख़बार अखरोट अलगनी अंतरिक्ष

इन में से तीन का चित्र बना कर उनका नाम लिखो

३.. कहानी में जहां जहां अ है उसे पेन्सल से निशान लगाओ .

४. इन का मतलब बनाओ और वाक्यों में प्रयोग करो

१. आव देखा ना ताव

२. पेट में चूहे उछलना

३. एक अनार और सौ बीमार

४. जैसी करनी वैसी भरनी

५. विपरीतार्थक शब्द

मीठा – ख़ट्टा

ऊपर – नीचे

ख़ाली – भरा

जल्दी – देर

खुश – दुखी

६. इस कहानी से हमें क्या सीख मिलती है

७. क्या चीता का फ़ीस लेना ठीक था ? उसने दवा नहीं दी थी पर सलाह तो दी थी ?

( नहीं चीता का फ़ीस लेना उचित नहीं था क्यूँकि उसकी सलाह अजगर ने नहीं माँगी थी, वो तो जा रहा था पर चीता ने उसे सलाह दे डाली । फिर जब अजगर ने फ़ीस देने से मना कर दिया तो उसने उसके मुँह में ज़बरदस्ती बर्गर ठूँस दिया ! )

Melody part three episode four

Your ten minute watch for the weekend !

Melody visits the concert hall for the first time with the Jungle Land critters but not before Marjorie Hatchery, the motherly crow and her adopted mother extracts a promise from Banana Drama ! And Cuckoo, Melody’s biological mom,hears Melody’s mellifluous voice for the first time and starts to plot any challenge to her crown !

Melody , your ten minute chuckle for this weekend !

Melody part three, episode two

Here is your ten minute chuckle and giggle for the weekend !

As you well know , Cuckoo had abandoned her baby in Margie Hatchery, the motherly crow’s nest and flown of to try her luck in King Tweety- Fruity’s kingdom. There is going to be a contest in the Land of Birds and Melody’s crow brothers are practicing with Monsieur Bull Brass to take part in the contest and driving the jungle folks nuts with their caw caw and ribbid ribbid !

Monsieur Bull- Brass doesn’t think Melody can sing so she flies off and finds Senor Julio, the blind thrush, who takes her under his wings !

But all is not well in the Land of Birds for Cuckoo’s throat is sore from her high flying life style and King Tweety- Fruity is irritated , that is the way of benevolent despots, they lose their cool when things don’t go their way ! Now she wants the magic potion FAIR IS FOWL from the SING SONG company of China and commands her hanger on Stella to go and find the thieving Mr. Jack Dawson and the chattering Magpie , Maggie !

And what happens when Monsieur Bull- Brass finds out that Melody is being secretly tutored by Senor Julio ?

Check out this episode for some fun and entertainment!

Melody, a musical movie

Melody the movie

A cuckoo with stars in her eyes abandons her daughter in the crows nest. Follow Melody’s journey along with the folks from Jungle Land in a roller coaster of fun, laughter and some lessons learnt !


The wily leopard and his three assistant hyenas try to cure the python and also try to use their talents to save their business. 


Pomegranate fruits – Good for your health !

There was a python who just loved to eat and sleep. That is what he would do all day long. Eat and sleep. Eat and sleep. Eat and sleep. Now if you do this all day long and then day after day , then you are going to fall very, very sick. And that is what happened to the silly python . He became very, very sick. His tummy started hurting. Ow ! Ow ! Ow ! He howled. Now, if he had hands he would have clutched his stomach and howled just like you do. But pythons don’t have hands. Just a long body. So, he took his long body and stretched it and decided to crawl to the doctor. As the python was crawling to the doctors’ clinic he felt very hot and tired. So, he decided to rest under a tree. It was a tree with very red fruits hanging from it.


The python was very sleepy. He opened his mouth to yawn. Just then, PLOP, one of the red fruits fell into his mouth. The python gulped down the fruit as was his habit and fell off to sleep. When the python got up he was feeling much better but then, he thought to himself that since I have come so far I might as well see the doctor and find out why my stomach aches all the time. So, he crawled to Dr. Leopards’ clinic and lay down in the waiting room along with the other animals who also had some problem or the other .

Dr. Leopard asked the python to come into his examination room and asked him to lie down. The python said, “I am already lying down since I cannot sit.” Dr. Leopard made a face as he did not like anyone to correct him and said , “Yes, yes, I meant , lie down on the couch so I can examine you . Tell me, what is your problem?”
The python said, “I had a stomach ache but now I am fine. The stomach ache is gone.”
Dr. Leopard was surprised to hear that the python was feeling better without taking any of his medicines which were quite expensive. So he asked the python, ” Tell me Mr. Python, what did you do after you had the stomach ache ?
The python said, “Don’t you want to know how and when I got the stomach ache so you can cure me ?”
The leopard looked very silly in front of his helpers so he he smiled with his very sharp teeth and said,” Yes, yes! Please tell me what you eat and what you did ?”
The python said, “Well, in the morning I swallowed my breakfast in one gulp and went to sleep. Then, at lunch, I swallowed my meal in one big gulp and went to sleep and then, at dinner …….”
The leopard said, “Wait, I am a doctor, I know what you did. You gulped down your dinner and went to sleep!”
All the doctors’ helpers clapped at the doctors intelligence.
The python said, “I have been doing this for many,many days ! But then, yesterday, I had a BIG stomach ache, not the usual small ones. Maybe, it was because I went to a party and gulped down everything .”
“Hmmmmmmmmmm” said Dr. Leopard,” I see the problem now. You don’t chew your food. You must chew your food before you eat it .”

The python was very surprised that the doctor did not know that pythons don’t have teeth. He thought to himself, ” I better get out of here and find some doctor who knows his job. This doctor has a fancy coat but he does not know what he is doing.”

The python said, ” Now, that I am much better, I think I will go home.” He tried to crawl out of the room but Dr.Leopard blocked his way and said, “Wait, wait. You didn’t tell me what happened after the stomach ache. How did you get well? ”

The python was trapped in the room with the doctor and his assistants so he decided to clear the mystery of his wellness. He said, “well, I crawled all the way to your clinic which is quite a distance away. On the way, I was feeling sleepy so I slept under a tree. It was a tree with red fruits. When I yawned one of the fruits fell in my mouth and I gulped it down and then fell asleep. When, I got up I was feeling much, much better.”

Dr. Leopard said, ” It seems to me you slept under an apple tree and that is why you are fine now!”

The python said, ” I am sure it was not an apple tree!”

Dr. Leopard said, ” How can you be so sure that it was not an apple tree. You did say the fruits were red !”

The python said , ” I know it was not an apple tree because we all know that an apple a day keeps the doctor away . But, as you can see, here I am with you and you are a doctor and you are not going away and you are not letting me go away too ! So, you see it was not an apple tree . ”

Dr. Leopard was stunned by this intelligent answer. He thought to himself, this python is very smart. Maybe, I can use him to get more patients.





The doctor looked at the python and bared his very sharp, pointy teeth and said, “Well, Mr. Python, you seem to be very smart. I see that you don’t have a job as you told me yourself. So, why don’t you come and work for me ? I will pay you very well. “

The python was very surprised that the leopard was offering a job to him because as far as he knew the animals were afraid of him especially when he was hungry.

He asked Dr. Leopard, “ How will you pay me ? And in return what do you want me to do ? “

Dr. Leopard knew that if he told the python that he was planning to use him to get rid of the animals who refused to get cured by swallowing them he may not agree to work for him. That was his plan to solve his own problem and that of the python.

So he told the python, “ Mr. Python, you don’t have to do much work. You have to be as you were before. Just eat and sleep . The only difference is that you will eat what or who I tell you to eat and you have to do this in my clinic.”

The python thought to himself, “ This leopard is very clever but also very wicked. It’s not good to be with wicked people. So let me try to find a way so that this leopard does not kill off his patients he cannot cure. And there are too many of them. Even I will not be able to swallow so many of them because I only swallow when I am hungry not just for fun ! “

The python looked at Dr. Leopard looking eagerly at him as a solution to his problem of not being able to cure his patients and said , “ Dr. Leopard, why don’t you try some other way to help your patients ?”

Dr. Leopard said, “ Mr. Python, I know there are many other ways but this one is quick and foolproof.”

Actually Dr. Leopard did not know of any other way but he did not want to admit this in front of his assistants who thought Dr. Leopard was the cat’s whiskers. Also his assistants were a couple of hyenas who lived off the leftovers which the doctor could not finish.

Mr. Python said, “ Maybe your way is the quickest and foolproof and with no danger of being sued because there is no one to sue you or no evidence but sooner or later the animals of the jungle will realize what is going on and will stop coming to you. Then what will happen to your practice ? “

The assistant hyenas gasped at this possibility because they lived on the slim pickings left by the leopard and they were already very thin. Dr. Leopard also did not want to lose his very lucrative business ( which means a kind of work in which you make a lot of money ) so he asked Mr. Python, “ All right, what is your idea so that I can cure the patients who come to me ? “

Mr. Python said, “ It’s very simple Mr. Leopard.”



AND THERE IS A BONUS STORY , LUCKY YOU ! THE STORY IS CALLED ‘THE PYTHON AND THE POMEGRANATE TREE’ and is somewhere on this website.  Oh wait, here is the link

” The solution is that you and your assistants get together and buy a huge farm where you grow many healthy herbs and fruit trees like the pomegranate. You encourage your patients to eat the healthy foods and exercise so that they do not fall ill again. Pomegranate juice is especially good for health so grow a lot of pomegranate trees ”


Pomegranate tree


Dr. Leopard said, ” But that does not solve my problem. If people get well how will I run my practice. I need people to be cured but not completely cured so that they keep coming back to me .”

The python said, ” That’s not a very nice thing for a doctor to wish for but you are a leopard and I guess you won’t change your spots. So I think then there is only one final solution to this problem. The leopard moved forward to the python eagerly. And that’s when the python wrapped himself lovingly around the python and squeezed him. That was the Final Solution.