Once upon a time a squirrel decided that she no longer wanted to eat nuts . She felt it was too much of a chore to gather nuts , hoard them , crack them and then eat them . She also felt that nuts were just nuts , they were not as flavorful as otherContinue reading “THE SQUIRREL WHO WANTED TO EAT SWEETS”

Melody, a musical movie

Melody the movie A cuckoo with stars in her eyes abandons her daughter in the crows nest. Follow Melody’s journey along with the folks from Jungle Land in a roller coaster of fun, laughter and some lessons learnt !

THE BIRDS’ TALE – a children’s comedy play for adults ( to figure this out you have to read the play!)

Cuckoo flies off to fulfill her starry ambitions while her abandoned daughter Melody grows up with her foster mother Caw- Gee and her brood of four Do- Ray, Me- Far, So- la and Ti-doo. One day Melody is pitted against her brothers and her mother and a host of contestants for the title of Bird – Idol. Who will win the contest ?
And what follows ? The shenanigans of a host of wacky animals and the manipulations of the villains of the play are going to take you on a roller coaster ride of fun and laughter.