CRAZY CUCKOO – short story for 4 to 7 year old

CRAZY CUCKOO ( a story for ages 4 to 7) By Shipra Shukla ‘Koo….. Koo….Koo………’ The cuckoo’s voice is as sweet as can be and this is the story of a cuckoo bird which had the most melodious voice in the world. The cuckoo bird would sit on the branches of a tree and singContinue reading “CRAZY CUCKOO – short story for 4 to 7 year old”

Some character’s from Jungle Land

Who is Melody? Melody is the heroine of my book; a little, black cuckoo who realizes one day that the purpose of her life was to sing. But how could she sing when Monsieur Tar-tar, the bull-frog who tutors her brothers, the four crows, Doray, MeFar, Sola and Tidoo thinks she has an awful voice.Continue reading “Some character’s from Jungle Land”


( This post has been written by “ Bella’s sister” – the budding writer – Ambika. Six years ago A was the first one who had written to Cuckoo and Banana – Drama ; I have reproduced the letters below . Now she brings forth her own take on Bella’s activities and they are asContinue reading “WHATEVER FLOATS YOUR BOAT BELLA !”


Hi Kids, Don’t we all love dogs ! That is why this is a special place for dog lovers where Bella, the dog diva is going to tell all of us what goes on in her doggy mind ! And she can come up with some pretty surprising stuff. So, watch out for Bella, theContinue reading “DOG LOVER”


A cuckoo who wants to sing….. Add Media EXT.- IN THE SKY ABOVE A JUNGLE – DAY-EARLY MORNING As we float gently in the sky the silence is broken by the sound of a cuckoo bird. CUCKOO (O.S.) Koo hooo The sound gains in momentum as we slowly pick up speed like a bird descendingContinue reading “Melody”