ENTITLED ! The dog, not the girl ! 😂😂😂😂 (The dog in the photo is the real McCoy! ) Django, the doberman,”guard dog” captivated our childish, adventurous spirit brought up as we were on the escapades of heroic figures and their dogs. So enamored were we that we did not notice his blunt nose, stockyContinue reading ““GUARD DOG””


Once upon a time a squirrel decided that she no longer wanted to eat nuts . She felt it was too much of a chore to gather nuts , hoard them , crack them and then eat them . She also felt that nuts were just nuts , they were not as flavorful as otherContinue reading “THE SQUIRREL WHO WANTED TO EAT SWEETS”

मच्छी मार्केट के पहले ग्राहक,तेज तर्रार बगुले, बिल्लियाँ और एक सोता हुआ कुत्ता

]For those who read and write Hindi, this video will have a different flavour altogether, not necessarily a fishy one ! Have a taste … उनके लिए जो हिंदी भाषी हैं इस विडीओ का कुछ अलग ही स्वाद है ! चख के तो देखिए , शाकाहारी लोगों को भी मछली का मज़ा आ जायेगा !Continue reading “मच्छी मार्केट के पहले ग्राहक,तेज तर्रार बगुले, बिल्लियाँ और एक सोता हुआ कुत्ता”


My most favorite moment is when Poorvi is in town and my pampering increases exponentially. She has a real calling to be a dog masseuse ! Why do folks think that dogs don’t need to be rubbed down like our equinine friends . Dogs also need constant (or at least once a day if thatContinue reading “BELLA LOVES HER LIFE !”