My most favorite moment is when Poorvi is in town and my pampering increases exponentially. She has a real calling to be a dog masseuse ! Why do folks think that dogs don’t need to be rubbed down like our equinine friends . Dogs also need constant (or at least once a day if that is inconvenient for our lazy masters ) finger massage. It keeps the blood flowing to our temple and other body parts and keeps our hair/ fur springy and shiny !

Now that I am not as young as before ( pssst keep this to yourselves , we female dogs have the same pretensions as the females of your kind !) I really do have to work harder to keep up appearances of an erstwhile beauty contest runner up in the 50 lb category where I was first in a grand total of three contestants !

Whatever ! A winner is a winner and I am not going to be giving these details to all and sundry , only to you , my dear fans and readers . So again , keep a secret , if you will !

Of course , it’s not easy to get this kind of treatment and pampering since there are no luxury pet grooming centers or , maybe, my pack turns a Nelson’s eye to them even if they exist ; Flintstones, I say !

If you take a gander at the video you will see frequent nosing and holding hands is required by way of encouragement to which she is happily responsive . Yup, Poorvi is one of kind , a dear soul and I love her very, very much !

And I will even suffer her PDA’s ( Public Display of Affection, in case you are not acronym savvy ! ) just as long as she does not stop the champi ( Indian word for head massage from which the English word shampoo originated ! I am well versed in the nuances of the world languages even though my personal preference is the “ Woof “ language – article about it elsewhere on this blog )



OMG ! OMG ! OMG ! There is a new body in my home and he is an absolute goofball ! He is goofy and he loves balls . That is all he wants in life. To run after balls . Big balls, small balls , blue balls , yellow balls . Just throw one and watch him go . Even flat balls will do , the ones that don’t roll , they look like flying saucers . ( Note from her assistant : I think Bella is talking about frisbees ) And talking of flying you should see this guy go ! This much energy is enough to drive me nuts ! As it is, and I think I may have mentioned it before, I am not the ‘gym and look at my lean body’ type but with this one around I too had to make an attempt to run for my keep or this guy , this goofball, was hogging all the attention. This is so demeaning but well, that’s life . I guess, there are no free lunches .

Well here’s a quick look at what my life has been ever since this Toby critter has entered my quiet, placid life and taken over and , to add insult to injury, he has taken away the attention of my devoted pack . Can’t wait for him to go !

Bella, moi , would like to thank Ambika in editing this movie . Besides, being an excellent tummy rubber , she is also a great ‘ball – thrower’ ( TOBY will vouch for that, I am sure ! )