D for Dog Dot Dalmatian

Derek took a look at the Dalmatian, took his temperature, poked his stomach, patted his head, looked inside his ears and said, “There is nothing wrong with your dog’s body but someone has put some silly thoughts inside his head and that’s why he is behaving in this funny way.

B for ball balloon baby

The balloon floated up in the sky looking so pretty against the blue sky. So the other children let their balloons go. They all floated up and up and up. till they vanished from sight. Now the children had nothing.

Peacock Tails !

Mayura wanted to make the world more beautiful but before he could ruin his beautiful feathers by using them as a dust rag Peekaboo arrived to knock some sense into his peacock brain.
He also gifted him a new pair of boots to hide his ugly legs ! What are friends for, after all , hmmm.


( This post has been written by “ Bella’s sister” – the budding writer – Ambika. Six years ago A was the first one who had written to Cuckoo and Banana – Drama ; I have reproduced the letters below . Now she brings forth her own take on Bella’s activities and they are asContinue reading “WHATEVER FLOATS YOUR BOAT BELLA !”